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Chapter 1:
Welcome to the Foodservice Industry

Chapter 2:
Understanding Foodservice Operations

Chapter 3:
Culinary History

Chapter 4:
Workstations in the Professional Kitchen

Chapter 5:
The Professional Chef

Chapter 6:
Entering the Workforce

Chapter 7:
Sanitation Hazards

Chapter 9:
Safety in the Kitchen

Chapter 10:
Sustainability in the Kitchen

Chapter 11:
Knives and Hand Tools in the Professional Kitchen

Chapter 12:
Knife Skills

Chapter 15:
Using Recipes

Chapter 18:
Cooking Principles

Chapter 21:
Fruit Preparation

Chapter 22:
Cold Sandwiches

Chapter 23:

Chapter 25:

Chapter 30:
Meat and Poultry Identification

Chapter 32:
Dry-Heat Cooking Methods for Meat and Poultry

Chapter 33:
Moist-Heat and Combination Cooking Methods for Meat and Poultry

Chapter 34:
Fish and Shellfish Identification

Chapter 35:
Fish and Shellfish Preparation and Cookery

Chapter 36:
Hot Sandwiches and Pizza

Chapter 37:
Dairy and Egg Identification

Chapter 39:
Food Presentation

Chapter 41:
Quick Breads and Batters

Chapter 42:

Chapter 43:
Yeast-Raised Products

Chapter 44:
Pies and Tarts

Chapter 45:

Chapter 46:
Custards, Foams, and Buttercreams

Chapter 47:
Dessert Sauces and Frozen Desserts

Chapter 48:
Table Service

Chapter 49:
Managing Resources

Chapter 50:

Chapter 51:

Chapter 52:
Analyzing Cuisines

Chapter 53:
Developing Taste