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The G-W Learning mobile companion site is a study reference to use on the go. The mobile companion site is easy to read, easy to use, and fine-tuned for quick access. The G-W Learning mobile companion site contains features and activities such as self-assessing chapter pretests and post tests, e-flash cards for vocabulary drill and practice, and expanded informational articles and movies.

Alternately, the same features found on the mobile companion site can be accessed by visiting the full G-W Learning companion website at www.g-wlearning.com.

QR Codes/System Requirements

Throughout selected textbooks, G-W Publishing has provided QR codes–abbreviation for Quick Response codes–to help supplement the learning experience. The following are minimum mobile device requirements in order to access the information offered by the QR codes.

  • Touch-sensitive smartphone or other touch-sensitive mobile device.
  • Minimum screen resolution width of 320 pixels.
  • Internet connection. Note: Data-transfer rates may apply. Check with your mobile service provider for information on your data-transfer rates.
  • Multi-megapixel capable camera, with auto-focus and flash are highly recommended to help compensate for low light levels.
  • A bar code reader app capable of reading QR codes; see below for recommended QR code reader apps.
  • Minimum 4" scanning distance between the smartphone camera and the printed QR code. Adjustments to the camera's zoom feature may be needed to obtain a clear visible image.

Recommended QR Code Readers

If your smartphone supports bar code readers, but does not have a bar code reader installed, Goodheart-Willcox recommends the following apps:

Video Usage

The videos on this site are optimized for mobile devices and are best viewed in their intended format. If you are viewing this site in a desktop environment and are experiencing an issue with video playback, make sure the most current version of Apple QuickTime® has been installed. To download the free Apple QuickTime Player®, visit http://www.apple.com/quicktime/.