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Chapter 1:
Making the Transition from School to Career

Chapter 2:
Understanding Work-Based Learning

Chapter 3:
What Your Employer Expects

Chapter 4:
Finding and Applying for a Job

Chapter 5:
Taking Preemployment Tests

Chapter 6:
Interviewing for Jobs

Chapter 7:
Teamwork and Problem-Solving Skills

Chapter 8:
Communicating on the Job

Chapter 9:
Math in the Workplace

Chapter 10:
Using Technology in Your Career

Chapter 11:
Looking Good on the Job

Chapter 12:
Safety on the Job

Chapter 13:
Leadership and Group Dynamics

Chapter 14:
Participating in Meetings

Chapter 15:
Learning about Yourself

Chapter 16:
Learning about Careers

Chapter 17:
Making Career Decisions

Chapter 18:
Succeeding on the Job

Chapter 19:
Diversity and Workplace Rights

Chapter 20:
Succeeding in Our Economic System

Chapter 21:
Entrepreneurship: A Business of Your Own

Chapter 22:
Understanding Income Taxes

Chapter 23:
Managing Spending

Chapter 24:
Using Credit

Chapter 25:
Banking, Saving, and Investing

Chapter 26:

Chapter 27:
Managing Family, Work, and Citizenship Roles